Why Cancer Chemotherapy Fails

  • Cancers are frequently diagnosed after solid tumors have become well established and harder to treat.
  • Solid tumor architecture can prevent drug access to some tumor regions.

  • Tumor microenvironment favors the development of drug- and radiation-resistant cell types.

  • Severe toxicity prevents the administration of the high chemotherapy doses needed for effective elimination of tumor cell populations.


Trifecta Chemotherapy™ Solution

Cascade Prodrug has developed a novel Trifecta Chemotherapy™ Solution that will significantly improve treatment options for solid tumors. Our technology is based on a proprietary hypoxia-activated prodrug switch — CPD100, which enables improved efficacy in treating solid tumors with a therapy that is less toxic to the patient.

  • Anti-tumor efficacy
  • Significantly improved safety profile
  • Enhanced tumor penetration

Meet the Team

August J. Sick

Co-Founder Prodrug Development

  • President, A J Sick Consulting
  • Entrepreneur In Residence, ONAMI
  • President, Molecular Probes (Invitrogen)- 5+ years double digit growth
  • VP Corp Dev, Invitrogen Corp – 18+ years, 18 M&A transactions, >100 licensing deals
  • Cofounder and CEO SupraSensor Enterprises
  • Board Director; Active Motif, Yecuris, Cascade Prodrug and Tonbo Bio
  • Human Diagnostic FDA approval process experience
  • BA Biochemistry and Cell Biology, UC San Diego
  • 35 issued U.S. patents

Allan Cochrane

Co-Founder Corporate Development

  • CEO, AG Cochrane Consulting LLC
  • Adjunct Professor, Lindquist Center Entrepreneur Program, UO
  • Founder and President, Saigene Corporation
  • Contracted COO, Pacific Biometrics Inc., Drug Development CRO
  • President, Microprobe Corporation, FDA approval process experience
  • 5 active Board of Director appointments
  • BS Biology, Roberts Wesleyan, Rochester NY