Cascade Prodrug has developed a proprietary anticancer strategy that will significantly improve the chemotherapy options for solid tumors. As many tumors grow they develop “hypoxic” regions deep inside the tumor where low oxygen levels and lack of nutrients result in the development of slow growing tumor cell populations that are both difficult to reach and difficult to kill. Escalating the doses of conventional chemotherapy required to eliminate these inaccessible tumor cells is generally not possible because of the severe drug toxicity that occurs. To address this problem, Cascade has developed a proprietary N-oxide prodrug of vinblastine (CPD100) which is chemically designed to remove cytotoxicity until exposed to hypoxic tumor regions that activate its conversion to vinblastine. Liposomal formulations of CPD100 enhance anti-tumor efficacy and allow elevated dosing that is not accompanied by high systemic vinblastine toxicity. Cascade is able to address the toxicity associated with established chemotherapy regimens by leveraging the hypoxic conditions found in many solid tumors, thus turning an impediment into an advantage for improving cancer chemotherapy.

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