A New Approach

Cascade Prodrug is pursuing a strategy focused on bringing a novel hypoxia-activated therapy into clinical development for treating solid tumors. Cascade’s initial preclinical lead candidate is CPD100Li. We are currently exploring partnership opportunities to further development of CDP100Li into IND enabling studies into the clinic, and ultimately, commercialization.

CDP100Li has single agent activity and is synergistic with chemotherapy as well as checkpoint inhibitors. Our initial focus will be in pancreatic cancer, leveraging our encouraging preclinical data and recent orphan drug designation for this indication.

We believe CPD100Li represents a novel opportunity for a partner looking to expand their portfolio with a stand-alone, targeted therapy, as well as a possible combination partner for chemotherapy or immunotherapy.

Below are the key highlights of CPD100Li:

  • Liposomal formulation of a hypoxia activated small molecule prodrug targeting the tumor microenvironment
  • Prodrug activated under hypoxic conditions (common feature in tumors) to release vinblastine warhead
  • In preclinical models, CDP100Li exhibits significantly reduced toxicity and improved efficacy as compared to vinblastine alone
  • Liposomal formulation and hypoxia targeting provides opportunity to broaden therapeutic window & lower toxicity of the warhead
  • Active as single agent, as well as strong synergy in combination with gemcitabine, in panc-1 orthotopic pancreatic model
  • Strong synergy seen in combination with anti-CTLA-4 inhibitor in syngeneic colon cancer model
  • Unique profile provides multiple pathways for development

For further inquiries, please contact partnering@cascadeprodrug.com.