Cascade Prodrug, Incorporated 

is a revitalized pharmaceutical company developing targeted prodrug therapies for the treatment of hyper-proliferative diseases. The lead drug candidates in the development pipeline are prodrug derivatives of vinca alkaloid compositions with promising activity for treating hyper-proliferative disorders. Further, the compounds are being tested as stand-alone pharmaceuticals or in combination with one or more other active agents or treatments, to treat hyper-proliferative disorders… read more


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Cascade ProDrug, UO acquire Novacea technology

Deal aims to create anti-cancer drugs that target oxygen-deprived tissues


Tumor Hypoxia

Cancer cells develop as a result of damage to a cell's DNA (i.e., altered DNA sequence or altered expression pattern) from exposure to various chemical agents, radiation, viruses, or when some not-yet-fully-understood internal, cellular signaling event occurs. Most of the time when a cell's DNA becomes damaged, the cell either dies or is able to repair the DNA. However, for cancer cells, the damaged DNA is not repaired and the cell continues to divide, exhibiting modified cell physiology and function... Read More.



 Prodrug Derivatives of Vinca Alkaloid Chemotherapeutic Agents

Virtually all of the many anti-neoplastic drugs that are currently used in the treatment of cancer have very serious and harmful side effects. This is because cancer is generally treated with medications that interfere with the growth of rapidly dividing cells. Such medications can inhibit the growth of the cancer cells, but they almost always also inhibit the growth of normal cells that divide rapidly in the body... Read More.



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